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Welcome to MAC Holistic Care, Maternal Adult and Child osteopathic services.


We are easily accessible at multiple locations including Melton, Romsey and Brunswick and help anyone from the elderly, to pregnant to babies and children.  


MAC Holistic Care was established by Monica Moussally (osteopath). Our osteopathic services are tailored to each individual's needs and aims to help reduce your pain and improve your mobility to help you get back to doing what you love.


We look forward to looking after you!

Maternal Adult Child Osteopathic Services 


Osteopathy & Maternity

Up to 50% of pregnant people experience some pelvic or lower back pain during their pregnancy. 

As you progress through your pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes to your posture, mechanics and hormones, increasing stress on your connective tissues and joints especially in your lower back and pelvis. 


Osteopathy for Adults

Osteopaths treat adult men and women of all ages for a variety of issues and complaints. The osteopath at MAC Holistic care will take a detailed case history, perform a whole body assessment/examination in order to make a diagnosis, create a treatment and management plan that may involve some take home exercises when necessary.


Osteopathy & Babies/Children

During the birth process babies are subjected to enormous force as they squeeze through their mum’s pelvis. Babies are designed to adapt this force allowing them to travel through the birthing canal. 

Therapy Sessions
What is Osteopathy? 

Osteopathy is a holistic form of manual therapy which utilises the link between the body's structure and function to address issues of the skeleton, muscles, joints, ligaments, fascia, circulation and lymphatic system. Osteopathy aims to boost one's overall health & wellbeing by promoting your bodies natural healing abilities.  

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Monica Moussally

Monica Moussally (osteopath) graduated from RMIT with double bachelor's in health science and applied Science (Osteopathy) ​.

Prior to this Monica also completed an Undergraduate degree in Medical
Radiations (Radiation Therapy).

During her years of studying osteopathy, she was fortunate enough to work as a sports trainer at St Albans local football club where she provided immediate first aid for injured athletes during games.

What do we treat?
  • Back pain 

  • Neck pain 

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Whiplash

  • Shoulder pain 

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Wrist and hand pain 

  • Arthritis

  • Children and infants 

  • Hip pain

  • knee pain

  • Ankle & Heel pain 

  • Achillies Tendonitis/Tendinopathy 

  • Flat feet 

  • Pregnancy Musuloskeletal pain 

  • jaw pain 

  • Sports injuries 

  • Women's Health


What are the benefits of Osteopathy


Reduce Pain

By improving your mobility and reducing muscular/tissue tensity we can help reduce your pain. We can also give you advice on how to manage your pain at home. 


Reach your Physical Goals

Your lifestyle, age and injuries are some of the main reasons that lead to a reduction in mobility. Osteopathic treatments aim at helping you improve your mobility with the goal of getting you back to your optimal health. 


Improved Quality of Life

Osteopaths can help you understand your body and the way it functions. We can show you ways of increasing your mobility and help get you back to doing the things you love with absolute confidence. 

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