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Dr. Monica Moussally (Osteopath)

Monica Moussally (osteopath) graduated from RMIT with double bachelor's in health science and applied Science (Osteopathy) ​. Prior to this Monica also completed an Undergraduate degree in Medical Radiations (Radiation Therapy). During her years of studying osteopathy, she was fortunate enough to work as a sports trainer at St Albans local football club where she provided immediate first aid for injured athletes during games. After graduating Monica moved to Newcastle NSW for three years to build on her osteopathic experience and further grow her love for osteopathy. Monica recently relocated back to Melbourne to be closer with family. 


Monica’s interest in human body functions as well as her desire to help people improve their health and achieve their desired health outcomes have led her to a career in Osteopathy. Monica tends to have a combination of indirect and direct approach to her treatments, including but not limited to soft tissue, stretching, joint mobilisation techniques, cranial and biodynamics with the focus on producing long term changes.  


To achieve optimal results with her patients, Monica encourages her patients to be proactive about their health and educates her patients on self-management strategies to help manage their pain outside of the clinic. Over the years Monica has attended multiple courses to increase her skills in treating pre and post-natal women, pregnant women throughout all 3 stages of pregnancy and more recently Monica has started treating paediatrics especially babies. 


Dr Monica Moussally will be accepting Enhance Primary Care Plan’s, DVA, Private health insurance and Worksafe.  

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