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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Osteopathy Safe? 

The risks associated with osteopathic treatment are generally regarded as very low. The osteopath considers safety to be of utmost importance during the management and treatment of clients. In the initial consultation a full case history and medical history will be taken to ensure that we are well informed of any serious health conditions that may need to be considered when developing a treatment and management plan. After the medical and case history and assessment has been taken into consideration the osteopath will make sure to use techniques that are tailored to you as an individual that also align with your personal preference. Ie. If you prefer not to be manipulated we will take this into account and make sure we adhere to your preference.

Is Osteopathic treatment Painful? 

Osteopathic treatment aims to provide as much pain relief as possible by encouraging muscles and tissues to relax which will also help improve mobility of muscles and joints. Although some techniques that are used can be tender and slightly uncomfortable this discomfort is relatively short lived. The osteopath will do their best to inform you of anything that might be slightly uncomfortable and will not use any techniques that you as the client do not consent to. Having said this, it is relatively normal to experience some mild post treatment soreness 24-72 hours after treatment. If the pain or discomfort persists beyond this point it is best to contact the clinic and inform them of any concerns that you may have moving forward.

How do i make or change my appointment ?

To make an online booking you can go to the book appointment button at the top of this page, alternatively you can call the clinic you wish to visit and speak to one of the freindly staff members. We do understand sometimes things come up and we are more than happy to reschedule your appointment. We do require a minimum of 12 hours notice for rescheduling of an appointment. Please be aware that a late cancellation may incur a fee. To make changes to your appointment or for any cancellations please phone our friendly staff. Online bookings can be canceleed via the reminder email that you will receive before your appointment

How many treatments will i need? 

The number of times you will have to have treatments depends on the condition that you are presenting with as well as you as you as an individual. The osteopath will be able to discuss your options and give you an estimated guide as to what your management time might be during your initial couple of visits. For example : chronic health conditions may require a longer time to resolve and regular ongoing maintenance in comparison to a mild acute injury that may require 3 or 4 sessions in a 4 week time frame.

Does my private health cover osteopathic treatments? 

If you have ‘extras’ on your insurance policy you are most likely able to claim a portion of your treatment costs, which you can claim ‘on the spot’ at our clinic via our HICAP machine Rebates are available for osteopathy covered under the extras cover of most major health insurers. The rebate varies depending on your health insurer, so check the details of your policy. If you are covered, we do an instant rebate and you pay the gap payment after the claim has been made via HICAPS

Do i need a referral to see an osteopath? 

No you don't need a referral to see your osteopath. If you would like to see your osteopath with an EPC/Chronic disease management plan under medicare or you are a DVA (veteran) client then you are required to see your GP and arrange appropraite documentation for your osteopath.

Can i see an osteopath if i am pregnant? 

Yes you most certainly can visit your osteopath whilst being pregnant. As beautiful as this time may be it doesn’t come without its aches and pains. We treat women throughout all stages of their pregnancies up until their birth and can help postpartum mothers also. We also use a pregnancy pillow at some of the clinics which allow you to lie comfortable on your tummy during your treatment. Call the clinic for more information if you have further questions or concerns.

What level of training do osteopaths have? 

In Australia osteopaths are registered practitioners regulated by AHPRA (Australian health practitioner regulation agency) with a minimum of 4.5 years of accredited university training in the field of health science. Post university studies osteopaths are required to undertake continuous professional development in order to retain their registration to practice. During their university training osteopaths are exposed to a variety of areas of health including nutrition, pharmaceutical drugs, rehab, medical examinations such as chest, heart, abdominal and neurological examinations etc.

What should i expect from my initial consultation? 

Upon arrival at your appointment you will be asked to read and sign an informed consent form prior to your appointment. Your practitioner will be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have after reading the form. Your practitioner will then ask questions about your presenting complaint, symptoms and a detailed history about your health and any other relevant information such as your medications and surgical history etc. An examination of the body will then be performed, where you will be required to perform certain movements etc to help provide the practitioner with more information about your condition. A differential diagnosis will then be formulated from the medical history and examination which will then help formulate a treatment and management plan accordingly. This will all be explained to you every step of the way. Each treatment will be tailored to your needs and your condition which may include soft tissue massage, manipulation, articulation, stretching, and gentle balancing techniques. Treatment may also include advice on stretching and strengthening exercises, posture, ergonomics and stress management techniques.

What should i bring to my first appointment? 

Please bring any relevant medical imaging reports or images that you may think is relevant to your condition. If you have a private health fund with extra's please bring along your private health card. If you have an EPC/Chronic disease management plan please bring along any relevant paperwork as well as your medicare card. If you have booked in your baby for a treatment please bring along their maternal and child health "green " book if possible. Please note if you do not have these things with you at your appointment you can still attend your appointment.

Is osteopathy covered by Medicare? 

You can be referred by your GP to see an osteopath if you are eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM). This plan is designed for people experiencing chronic pain or are suffering from a chronic condition/disease. This plan is covered through medicare and allows for up to five Allied Health consultations per year where a portion is subsidised by medicare. You will need to see your GP to get the appropriate paperwork required for your osteopathic appointment. Please bring this paperwork along with your Medicare card to your appointment to receive your refund from medicare on the spot via our HICAPS machine. You will be required to pay for your appointment in full, the claim will be made and the money will be refunded back into your account. Please note that we cannot put money back onto a credit card and you are required to have a savings account for the money to be transferred back into your account. Please contact our friendly reception team for further information about the fees and out of pocket expenses.

What should i wear to my appointment? 

It is important for you to feel comfortable at your appointment and therefore you may want to wear loose clothing or bring a pair of shorts to change into. Depending on the area of your body that requires treatment you may be asked to remove some garments however you will either be provided with a gown or draped appropriately to ensure you feel comfortable and safe during your treatment.

How much will my appointments cost? 

Each clinic have their own consultation fee's that are incurred for different appointment types. For more information regarding fees call the clinic you wish to visit and speak to one of our friendly staff.

How long are the appointments? 

The initial consultation can be up 45mins to an hour and a return consult can be from 30-45 mins. You can request for an extended return consultation however differing fees may apply. Call the clinic for more information with regards to the fees that apply.

What is the history of Osteopathy 

Osteopathy was created in 1870 by an American medical doctor Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. He was a doctor with the desire to help people and to have a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how it functions. He believed that in order to truly make a change we should treat the human body as a whole and not just individual parts of it. He recognised that the structure and function of the body is related and greatly affects a person’s overall wellbeing/health. He developed this form of manual therapy which aimed at finding and treating dysfunctions and imbalances in the body that manifest as diseases and conditions. His philosophical statement of find it fix it leave it alone is still used to treat patients in today’s osteopathic practices.

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